That One Time I Tried Too Hard To Be Cool

I remember one time in third grade we were asked to take a poll of our classmates and make a graph with the data we collected. We could pick any question we wanted to ask, but I have no idea what I ended up doing. What I do remember is that one of my classmates chose favorite colors, which was a really good choice. She went around asking each of us what our favorite color was and because I was cool (or more accurately, because I was not cool) I told her mine was black. Really my favorite color is blue, followed by blue-green, followed by green. But I remember her asking me and thinking to myself something roughly along the lines of, “what would a truly cool person say?” Certainly not something as sissy as blue. So I went with the most baddest color out there: Black. But when we presented our graphs to the class I saw just a single filled in block under ‘black’ and suddenly I didn’t feel so cool anymore.


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